Monday, March 30, 2020

OSHA Compliance and Virtual Conferencing Training

At home working? We can help maintain your certification. You will remain OSHA-compliant by taking virtual conferencing training with us.


  • Live Instructor-Led Training
  • Downloadable Student Materials
  • Student Engagement with Interactive Options
  • Registration and Attendance Reporting
  • Connect via any Web-Enabled Device
  • Voice Recognition for Webcam Video
  • Customized Webcam Virtual Background
  • Modern and Robust Chat Menu
  • Immediate Access to Training Certificates

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Message from ehsInc CEO Marjorie Del Toro


Hi, I’m Marjorie Del Toro, President, and CEO of ehs International, Inc. (ehsInc). Let’s have a conversation; it’s important.

I understand the challenges you are facing, the concerns for your employees during this global health crisis. You have, by this point, received hundreds of notices from your clients, vendors, associations as to what steps they are taking to ensure the containment of COVID-19, within their purview.

I will not bombard you with yet another similar notice. I’m confident most are following CDC guidelines. My message today is that of the perspective of a business owner dealing with the same economic, health, and governmental compliance concerns. Our firm has educated hundreds of thousands of lives across the Nation on how to conduct their jobs safely. We accomplished this by providing our clients with a multitude of effective learning channels since 1997.

As leaders, we often fail to see solutions to challenges, even if the answer is right in front of us—especially during times like these.

I consistently search for options, solutions, guidance on how to continue to move forward with my responsibilities to my employees, clients, vendors, and regulating agencies. I heard that sigh-not one of relief!

I’m going to provide you a clear solution as to how to adhere to your responsibilities when it comes to complying with Federal and State regulations set by the Occupational, Safety, and Health Administrations (OSHA).

Technology provides us the ability to continue to focus on our mission for a healthier and safer workforce. Let’s take advantage of what we have.

I’m sharing with you what our firm has done for our clients to alleviate the challenges set by OSHA while at the same time providing our clients with economic relief. I challenge all businesses to do the same for their clients.

  • We developed a written program covering policy and procedures for Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD), specific to COVID-19, and have made it available to our clients for a minimal fee.
  • 25% Savings on Video Conferencing Training:
    • On-site training is not an option; we have switched our clients to video conferencing.
    • Employees log-on remotely or in small groups (providing the 6 foot distance between each employee is possible), while our safety instructors are teaching in real-time as they interact with each student.
    • They encourage discussion, provide visual aid, polling, and interactive games. Our learning method is to provide a fun environment that takes the “stigma” of training, to a place that our students forget they are doing just that, learning!
  • We have waived all cancellations fees, our way of thanking current clients for their continued support.
  • We provided full access to our library of safety talks/tailgates. We are providing our clients, the guidelines, and discussion points necessary for a productive morning safety meeting. (for clients only)
  • Online Training: Provide a discount for most corporations. Our robust learning management system provides the flexibility needed for the workforce.

In a time of adversity, we need to work together, NOT price gauge or hoard. I rely on my faith, family, the phenomenal team at ehsInc (whom I work for), partners, and vendors.

We are extending these offers to you until August 1st, 2020.

We are here to help; follow the button provided or call us at 855.2.ehsInc (855.234.7462) or contact me directly, sincerely, I’m here to help. We want to provide you with one less worry.


Marjorie Del Toro

Monday, March 2, 2020

Celebrating National Women in Construction Week - March 1-7, 2020

March 1-7, 2020 is National Women In Construction week! This week sheds light on female professionals making an impact in construction and to raise awareness for women finding careers in the construction field.

We only employ safety professionals that are forward-thinkers and have immediate capability or potential to make a positive impact in safety - it's no coincidence they are mostly female :)

This week we celebrate the positive impacts made by VP, Client Relations Kaila Krichmar CHST; Project Manager Leah Bates; and Processing Specialist Jacky Ornelas.

ehsInc is woman-owned since '97.